Lusinga lucana with pepper


Pork meat, salt, preservative (dextrose, sucrose, salt, E300, E252, E250), flavor (natural flavors, salt, dextrose), pepper.

Seasoned cured meat produced with scalloped pork belly (cutter), spices and flavorings.
The belly is boned, completely scalped and subjected to the salting process for a period that varies according to the size. We proceed to the tanning, chopped black pepper and is seasoned in cells connected to a software that allows you to constantly keep under control temperatures and humidity. At the end of seasoning, the cured meat is deprived of the hardest parts and spiced abundantly with black pepper, pepper or herbs. The particular salting and maturing processes leave the quality and naturalness of the product unaltered.

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Optimal temperature +4/12°C


vacuum-sealed in plastic film


Trancio: 300-400 g