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Raw materials

The perfect balance between lean and fatty parts of butchered animals, bred where the pure air influences taste and aroma; scrupulous organoleptic assessments, including level of water retention, water content and the capacity to absorb salt, strictly rock salt, thus not treated and rich in trace elements; the use of native Lucano seasoning such as pepper of Basilicata with its well-known anti-oxidant properties or wild fennel and coriander, wild herbs, repository of farmer well-being, the use of natural intestine and no nitrites make the cold cuts of Salumi San Giorgio Lucano® symbols of authentic taste and right balance between nutritious properties and flavour. The excellence of products also comes from continual nutritional and nutraceutical studies. The quality of fat, the lipid stability of products, extreme care taken over mincing, salting, curing and preservation have made Salumi San Giorgio Lucano® cold cuts an example of Italian food and wine excellence. In the production of Salumi San Giorgio Lucano® raw materials containing and/or deriving from GMO (genetically modified organism) are not used. However cold cuts are gluten free and do not contain lactose and allergens too. No product is subject to irradiations.

Certification and innovation

The plant creating Salumi San Giorgio Lucano®, thanks to the most innovative production technologies and advanced processing methods, while maintaining a strong craftsmanship rooted in tradition, rigorously complies with laws in force establishing hygienic-health controls based on a qualified HACCP plan during all the selection, butchering and finished product transformation process stages. In 2006, the company obtained integrated certification of the “Quality System” and self-control in compliance with standards of UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI 10854. Alongside masterly workmanship, we have the ability to innovate continuously and compliance with strict quality and hygiene regulations, factors behind the success of the Salumi San Giorgio Lucano®, ambassadors of Italian taste in the world. The company meets the MED & FOOD (Mediterranean & Food Control Quality System S.r.l.) quality standards, attributed by the spin-off Bari University “Aldo Moro”; always working in a virtuous circle formed by a rooted link between company and territory, plus competence in the manufacturing process, healthiness, safety and technological progress. However craft techniques, performed by experienced hands who passionately commit acts that refer to the peasant culture, remain intact distinguishing this product from the characteristic of mass production of industrial products.