Spicy red soppressata


Pork meat, salt, preservative (dextrose, sucrose, salt, E300, E252), aroma (natural flavors), pepper, pepper.

The honesty of a traditional recipe can be perceived savoring the soppressata. It is obtained from the processing of ham and a small portion of pork belly. After cutting and boning, the Salumai Masters pay particular attention to the yielding so that the cured meats remain more tender.

We proceed with the grinding and the tanning, which takes place with the tellicherry black pepper and the chilli powder for the spicy red. After careful mixing, the brawn is stuffed into the natural casing which will give the products more intense aromas and flavors. We then move on to the binding which is made by hand and with natural twine.

The spicy red soppressata, on the palate, has an excellent balance between the flavor and sweetness and the chilli pepper enhances the flavor.

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Optimal temperature +4/12°C


vacuum-sealed in plastic film


da 300 a 350 g c.a